Take a leap

As you travel through life, you'll see many books. Maybe the cover of one strikes you, and you pick it up, and look. Some books take you far away, some will bring you back home. These books will make you say, wow, I like that poem. Each of these books are different, in their own special way. With one or two being addicting, making you see things all day. Surprise, surprise, yes I wrote them for you, and each poem and art-piece, set right here for you. As to what each-one means? You'll have to decide on your own. Pick one or two of them up, and take them on home. Enjoy the day reading, take in each secret clue, savor it slowly, I wrote it for you. Take a leap into, the author's skin, it's my professional opinion, you'll want to read them again. I'm not here just talking, I've experienced, and I know, step in my shoes for the journey, and away you go. Each and every page lives, each and every page breathes, come back soon to my site here, savory leaves...Page by page, I guess I don't need to say, what will you do? For your mind today...Enjoy.

A New World Appears

In Glen's first book, he explores the pain, joy, and hubris of modern poetry

Available Soon

The Growth of an Author

Glen continues his view of life, change, and finding a voice.


The Sun Rose and the Wind Blue

Glen's first children's book. A story about a child who deals with only having two colors of crayon

Author House

A Veil of Rain

A collaboration of artists, it is words made fire through sight.